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Wedding Breakfast

Evening buffet

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We have been doing this for quite some years, and we know how tough it is to make decisions for your wedding day or evening. We have no intention of adding to that pressure, quite the opposite, so should you enquire about our catering service, we will drop across a full colour and very informative brochure with everything you need to know, including our prices, and will not then bother you further!

Rest assured, we will wait for you to come back to us!

Wedding Breakfast

If you are looking for a fun filled, festival, bohemian, family vibe, then we are definitely for you and we're all over this!

Let me explain.... have you been to a wedding when the food looks all fancy, but in reality you are left feeling rather hungry at the end of the meal! Or have you finally been served your food, only to find, at best, that your food is warm and not hot? For the last nine years we have preferred another approach and we know from the numerous past testimonials and reviews, that you and your guests will love it too!

Quite simply, we prefer to take less time on fancy irrelevant plate décor and, instead, concentrate on making each course taste and look exceptional, but also be substantial, without all the faff. So you and your guests will love the fact that they will be left full and content at the end of the wedding breakfast. Proper wholesome, delicious, hearty food!

With a choice of 7 paellas and 14 Curries and One Pots, whether you require paella catering or a wedding caterer with lots of ideas, we are the caterer for you!

If we are staying to take care of your Evening Buffet, then we offer an unrivalled price to cater for this too, after all, we are there already, setup and ready to serve!

Evening Buffet

Where we are only providing evening buffet food, we have a very straight forward menu option:

  • Choose from 7 paellas to suit all tastes &/or 14 One Pots

or all of the following:

  • Pulled pork brioche

  • Pulled pork nachos

  • Southern fried chicken burgers with optional aioli

  • Vegan Southern fried burgers with Vegan mayo

We will simply require a covered area/room, a couple of plug sockets, and that's it. Everything else we bring with us!

Remember, if we are catering for your wedding breakfast, then our Evening buffet prices are even more exceptional.

Breakfast Brunch

What a night! What memories! What's for breakfast?

We can take care of the next morning brunch, with a selection of the following:

  • Bacon, sausage & hash brown bap

  • Pastries drinks
    Premium orange & apple juice
    Hot drinks (coffee & tea)

    For a minimum of 30 guests, we will take care of your hangover cure, whilst you all chat about the night before!

Wedding Brochure

Get our brochure in 6 quick steps..

We will send you a brochure, which has our menus, service, prices and most importantly the reassurance that you are in safe hands!

Please check your spam folder if you haven't received our brochure within the next 12 hours

Wedding brochure

Wedding catering Devon, Wedding catering Somerset or Wedding catering Cornwall... we cover them all with our paella catering too!

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