As well as everything else we do on the menu....

We have quite a PAELLA reputation too!

Cooking and making a traditional Spanish Paella over open fire. Traditional way of prepari

We are the first choice throughout the South West of England for the following:

Wedding breakfast
Wedding evening buffet
Corporate parties
Christmas parties
Product launch

We have a love for paella that takes us right back to living in Spain for many years!

We have served well over 50,000 people over the last 11 years in the UK.

Buen Apetito began after returning to the UK from Spain in 2009 and wanting to share our love of paella with the general public.

There is something quite magical when guests can see the paellas being created from scratch in our huge paellas (pans).... the aromas filling the room, the meats, prawns and/or vegetables sizzling away, as inquisitive minds come to look and hungry tummies start to rumble!

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